We asked a few of our customers to share their experiences with our services.  We love good news!

Laptop Repair in Johnstown

"From my PC to my laptop to my secured wireless network I've gone back to them time and again.  They've also designed and set-up my home theater.  I'm always confident they'll get the job done right.  And they do it in a pleasant way so I always call them when I need help.  I use CrawDAC for my business as well.  A big thumbs up from me."
                                                                                         Sharon H., Johnstown

"I start my day by checking my investments online.  My computer was so slow that it was taking almost an hour to check things.  Now I get it done so much faster.  You saved my life!  Thank you."                          
John S., Johnstown

"My PC was taking 30 minutes just to turn on.  Turns out it was pretty far gone and they
 had to restore it.  No data was lost and now it runs like a race car.  And who knew
 there was a battery inside?  It was great dealing with them.  When I get a new
I'm going to call them to transfer everything over.  I recommend them.
          Kathy B., Westmont

"I don't know a thing about computers and I don't want to.  I just want the thing to work when I click on something. 
They don't talk over your head and make your eyes spin.  They tell you plainly what they did to make the thing work and
they don't bore you with the details if you don't want them to.  That works for me.
Helen P., Richland


Thanks to our customers for their business and their kind words.  Glad we could help!


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