CrawDAC is Crawford Device & Computers and is owned by Diane Crawford, a native of Johnstown.  The services offered are a culmination of a career that includes traveling throughout the country as an Integration Specialist with Google.  That explains her work ethic…have fun while respecting others and getting the job done right.


    Now a days Diane's happy to operate her own business and to get back to that hometown, one on one relationship providing help to the single PC user or to a local small business.
Laptop repair in Johnstown PA


     Whether you need help retrieving data, speeding up your PC/Laptop, replacing hardware or bringing it all together as a project, you've come to the right place.  From purging that nasty virus to getting you started on your own website, we're here to help and save you money in the process.  You're invited to call today.
608 Greenich St.
Johnstown, PA 15902